Hello Friend!

I'm Julie, and painting is my most favourite thing to do in the whole world! I've done a whole bunch of different things in my career, but hosting paint parties has been the most rewarding endeavour of them all! I've outlined a bit of my life for you to get a glimpse of the experience I bring to the table! I absolutely LOVE teaching, and I hope I get the chance to teach you and your friends one day!

Here's my timeline:

• Travelled to Europe for 10 weeks at 22 Years old

• Caught the travel bug and moved to British Colombia when I was 23 years old

• Bought a van, travelled, wrote songs and settled in Tofino, BC.

• Spent a couple of years in Victoria, BC, and played guitar, bass, drums and vocals for the band AfroSuitBike.

• In 2006 we released a full length CD

• Through a random series of events decided I wanted to be an Painter

• Created my beloved character Project Monster; an adorable red monster that hops around.

• Opened Project Monster Studios with my friend Lisa in Tofino, BC

• Made a very small name for myself with my whimsical tree paintings.

• Closed the Studio House in 2011 (boo)

• Moved back to Southwestern Ontario in 2012

• Wrote and Illustrated my first Children's Book: Project Monster's Alphabet Adventure

• Launched a successful crowd funding campaign to self publish my book in 2013

• 2013-2016 performing weekly singing and playing my acoustic guitar

• Had the most beautiful daughter in July 2016

• 2017 Recently started to host and facilitate Julie's Paint Party, bringing my painting to the public again! 

• Got married to my best friend Jay in May 2017! YAY!

• June 2017 Started Quill Apparel and Printing Co.

.... TBD ;)

So that's that. I do a little bit of everything, and I'm always thinking of new ways to share the talents I was so blessed with!
Please enjoy my website and take a look around, let me know if I can help :)